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Happy New Year with some Housing Voucher openings…

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The most important thing for homeless is housing! Let’s review there are 2 Bergen county Section 8 limited openings, waiting lists and a new homeless prevention, and  other funding sources this year of 2019.

NJ DCA housing Choice Voucher lottery CLICK HERE ON Feb. 4-8, 2019

On January 14 ‘th to January 18 ‘Th, the HCV wait list opens up. :

Housing Choice Voucher is Section 8 which is based on the income according to HUD. Bergen will open their lottery online. On January 14 Th to January 18 Th, the HABC is accepting the applications online. You do not have to be a Bergen Resident but BC residents get preference. It is an income based voucher. If you are homeless, low income, disabled it is important to apply. there will be locations in Hackensack that can help you fill out the application on line. having an email is not required but preferred and a best practice. We will continue to have an updated list of locations that have computers and places that will help you fill out the application.. CLICK HERE for the link.                      Hrg Community News article

Housing Authority of Bergen had also opened up a section 8 waiting list that must be a referral from an institution or….  READ FULL STORY AND how to apply HERE!

Lastly; Greater Bergen Community Action Received funding for homeless prediction and more READ STORY and how to apply HERE!

Check out Greater Bergen’s Website CLICK HERE!

Their grant that was recently awarded includes; A case manager to assess the client’s immediate housing needs and help develop an individual case plan with goals and objectives. Individualized housing and service plans for each individual/family to identify specific service eligibility with a focus on locating, securing and retaining suitable housing. Financial, housing, and social assessments of clients as well as client advocacy. Said a spokeswoman for GBCA. 

If you have any questions about this limited Voucher opportunity go to HABC website or you can always email me at!

Here are some other resources that may be of interest! DON’T FORGET THE project homeless connect on Jan. 23 Rd. at “The Center” (Flyer Below).

CLICK link FOR the winter 2019 : 2019 winter HRG Guide PDF View & Download

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Along with some more #Resources; have you checked out food pantries and meals on a budget Series?

Do you look for how to videos or interesting stuff? Here are some great video’s that may help you learn about some new resources and maybe some older ones you may have forgotten about. Just click on the picture and check out the ones that you are looking for.  “Meals on a budget series” / “Utilizing your local food pantry” may help you find some ways to cut costs….


Make homemade hummusMake homemade ravioli & sauceUntitled1Untitled

Easy Crab cakesLike making homemade hash browns?


So many more Meals on a budget / Utilizing your local food pantry recipes, ideas and local food pantries where you can get many of these items.

No photo description available.

Here are many other resources you may need including Veterans, eviction prevention and even pet food pantries.

For the The Stigma Free Zone News of New Jersey’s newest THE STIGMA FREE ZONE NEWS CLICK HERE!

Here are some resources for #StigmaFree and Mental health that you can use all year long..

Were promoting #StigmaFree. The education and awareness about mental health issues as well as ending the stigma!  Not only spread awareness and end stigma but to create a better quality of life for Bergen county residents . Especial since years ago Freeholder Voss said 1 in 10 have mental illness and now its one in four… So start the discussion..

CLICK HERE FOR THE #StigmaFree /mental health resources and news

CLICK HERE for the Bergen stigma free web site

Keeping up with #StigmaFree HRG News Click here


Bergen County Mental health resources CLICK HERE

here are all kinds of resources for every day!


CLICK HERE FOR THE BERGEN County shelter appeals process.


    Here are some things you may not know about EBT

Related image        Some really great #StigmaFree Info


Do you pay cash for Rx.? print or show this card to the Rx dept at pharmacy.


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Specialized Agencies

What are Specialized Agencies?
A Specialized Agency provides a unique service specific to the needs of it’s target population i.e., housing, vocational and recovery supports.

Click below:: (download the form)


facing eviction, hoarding, #StigmaFree (Funds pertaining to mental health well being)

check out the BC web site for other information:


As always here are our resources for Bergen:

Here is the new rooming house list Rooming_Houses for Bergen!

For rooming house list in Excel Ver Rooming Houses

New 2017 HRG Community Resource guide for fall SEPT-Nov GUIDE PDF

New 2017 HRG Community Resource guide for fall SEPT-Nov GUIDE SEPT Word ver

Eviction prevention resources Hackensack Housing Authority CLICK HERE

Eviction prevention &  resources  Housing Authority of Bergen County  CLICK HERE

Eviction prevention resources (ESG-eviction / rapid rehousing)  Housing Authority of Bergen County  CLICK HERE



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