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Pictorial year in review-2015 & Resource links


This year has been a roller coaster of a ride. Many events have made an impact on our lives; good and bad. Some we want to forget.  Some we learned from and made steps forward.

The beginning of the year James Tedesco III took oath and with in weeks started taking action on his campaign promises!

jim taking outh.jpg



We had started the year off good, with our new Bergen County Executive then had to jump into action along edge-fire.jpg

with all of our Bergen County and neighbors on Feb. 10, 2015  the Community of Edge Water  to help with the victims. Housing health& human services, Red Cross, The River Mission at Church on the Green, NYC harbor patrol and many others  came together to help.

Later on in the year Bergen County stood in solidarity with The Slaying of Congregants Of a Church down south. The Bergen Chapter of the NAACP and county officials Held a vigil  at the court house.

the little light at naacp vidgel 2015.jpg

During 2015 I had become homeless again and went to the Shelter, even being in the shelter I continued to me end homelessness now.jpg try to get the word out about the growing homeless population.




In Hackensack NJ the redevelopment of our city This image i had captured before the demolition of the structure on Kansas and Hudson St.  the dove art before demo.jpg



I had taken another trip to My home town in Mahwah stag hill 2015 mahwah.jpg

to meet with The Indians and MEVO (Mahwah Environmental Volunteers Organization) on Stag Hill.  I had met with people I had grown up with and others I had just met. We spoke about Indian Resources. I had also later on I had gone out with Tamara Laine of Fox/My9 to bring food and warn homeless in the Hackensack area about the up coming storm with a stop at Emanuel Christian Fellowship.  me and tamara walking to EMC pic-Fox-my 9 2015.jpg

In the summer of 2015 Mr. Diaz was met by many members of the community including Members of Mount Olive Church. diaz memorial 2015 at his house with mount olive.jpg

Mr. Diaz had lost his son when Melvin allegedly lunged towards police and was shot during a welfare check. No one will ever know what happened But many witnesses had different versions of the event as it unfolded. Both police and The Diaz family are left with emotional scars. The whole community came together to support everyone in the events that unfolded.

Bergen County’s “Stigma Free” Initiative had spread crossed the County declaring May as “Mental Health awareness Month” At the time While Justin was found (an autistic young man from Lyndhurst) “Meg” is still missing.

berute memorial pic 2015.jpg

A Beirut memorial service was also held at the court house this fall!





The County, Veterans services and Hackensack Fire department coordinated the event. The day had come to a close………….

court house dome at sunset 2015 cool sky.jpg

At the end of the day I captured this picture of the Bergen County Court house.


As the holidays began; from the Teaneck NCJW  Panel-“AFFLUENCE AND POVERTY: A TALE OF TWO BERGEN COUNTIES”-  to “The River Mission” Thanksgiving free community dinner at Church on the Green with Pastor Don, Judy and On Our Own Wellness Center the season Changed and then Christmas at Housing, Health and human services sponsored by Family promise. was really good followed by “The River Mission”-  Sunday nights Worship service then community Dinner and to-go meals; donated unused trays of dinners by Family Promise! Gifts and clothing donated by many River Mission Partners were given out to anyone in need.

the teaneck afluence and poverty pic 2015.jpg

Pastor Don at Thanksgiving 2015-2.jpg

(The Best for last by the way)

(Thanksgiving 2015; Pastor Don of “The River Mission” Welcoming everyone before the community dinner had begun)

Happy New Year!

Paul Nickels (Founder-HRG Community Resource Guide)





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